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Anschutz Mfg 222cal Anschutz Mfg 22MAG Savage Axis Savage BMAG Savage Standard 22LR Savage 16Ga Savage 20Ga 10, 11, 14, 16 Savage NRA-19 23A Sporter 22LR Savage 23B 23C Sporter 23D .22Hornet 40 & 45 Super MK-II/501/900 Series 62, 64, 954 Series 93, 502, 503 Series Savage 99C 110,111 & 116 325, 340ALL, 840 Savage 982 1903, 1906, 1909 Savage 1912 .22LR Handgun 1904-1915 Handgun 1917 Savage Sporter

Please click on the button to the left or the link below that corresponds to the model of Savage magazine you are looking for

Savage Models 4M, 34M, 65M, 93, 502, 503, 982MDL will use the 93/502 series magazines, click here to jump to the page

Savage, Stevens, Springfield .22LR, models 1, 2, 4C, 4CD, 4E, 7, 7A, 7H, 19 (not NRA 19), 23AA (not NRA 23A), 26C, 33, 34, 35, 56, 056, 56C, 056C, 57, 057, 65, 84, 084, 084S, 84C, 84CNS, 84CD, 84D, 84E, 85, 085, 85A, 85E, 85K, 85KE, 85H, 416, 420, 840S, 850, 850H and Anschutz 54, 141, 164, 184, 1418 rifles, click here to jump to the page

Savage, Stevens, Springfield .222cal and 30-06 models 325, 340, 340B, 340C, 340D, 340V and 840, click here to jump to the page

Savage, Stevens and Springfield .22Hornet models 19H, 23D, 340, 342 and series E Sporter's, click here to jump to the page

Stevens model 300 in .22LR will use the same magazine as the MK-II, click here to jump to the page

Steves Pages has many breakdown diagrams for Savage guns. His site is paid for thru donations on his site from people that found it useful. Click here to jump to the page


Some replacement parts may require fitting or adjustment for proper operation


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