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Ruby magazines will be listed alphabetically by manufacturers name. Click on the button to the left that corresponds to the manufacturers name.


    Ruby type pistols were originally made by Gabilondo y Urresti in the Eibar municipality that is in the Basque region of Spain. Production of the pistols by Gabilondo y Urresti started about 1914 and continued until about 1919. Gabilondo y Urresti later changed it's name to Gabilondo y Cia and produced guns under the Llama name. Other manufacturers continued to manufacturer Ruby type pistols many years after Gabilondo y Urresti ended production.

    With the onset of WW-I the French desperately needed small arms and did not have the manufacturing capacity to produce them fast enough. They contracted with Gabilondo y Urresti in mid 1915 to produce the Ruby type pistols for them at a rate of 10,000 per month later increased to 50,000 per month. During the war the Italians also placed orders for the pistols. Gabilondo y Urresti could barley keep up with the original contract, when it was increased to 30,000 per month they sub contracted with 4 other manufacturers to produce the pistols; Armeria Elgoibaressa, Echealaza y Vincinai, Hijos de Angel Echeverria and Iraola Salaverria. Gabilondo y Urresti also contracted with some other company's for parts and magazines.

    As the war went on the French also contracted with about 45 other Spanish manufacturers to produce the pistols and parts. The French quickly became aware that the magazines would not interchange between some of the manufacturers pistols and insisted the manufacturers mark the base of all magazines with their proof mark.



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Many different Ruby magazines may have a proof mark on their back, as pictured above. This may have been a manufacturer that produced magazines for the different manufacturers. If anyone has information on this manufacturer please e-mail us with it.


Ruby magazine lengths when measured along the back from the base to the top of the feed lips will very by manufacturer and production run. Most will be about 4-1/8" to a little over 4-1/4". The angle of the base can also vary slightly. Generally nickel plated magazines will be in better condition.


All magazines listed on this web site should be cleaned and oiled before use. Most will be covered with a protective oil or old Cosmoline. Used magazines are exactly what the word implies and all photos are of cleaned magazines actual product may vary as they are used. While we closely inspect all Ruby magazines for obvious defects we only offer a refund on returned magazines according to our return policy.



Also note: Older Spanish guns are notorious for minor dimensional variations. Magazines that shipped with the guns were hand fitted/selected at the factory for the gun. Even the correct factory manufactured magazine for the gun may still need slight fitting. We do not accept returns on altered magazines.


Some replacement parts may require fitting or adjustment for proper operation


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