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$9.00 per order flat rate USPS Priority shipping and handling


Customer privacy is very important to us!

Our secure online ordering system uses the latest in security technologies, including hardware firewalls and SSL encryption to insure your privacy.

We do not send out any postal mailings. Our only catalog is online.

We do not send any junk e-mail or faxes. If a customer requests a certain part or information,  they will receive an e-mail when the part is in stock or if the information is available.

Your package will arrive in a standard USPS Priority box. The return address name will be Digital Consulting Services.

We do not sell or give your information to any other companies, unless you make a claim for loss, shipping damage or fraudulent credit card charge. All information is considered by us to be private and privileged and we will treat it as such.

Any printed information we dispose of at our business office is sent through a cross cut shredder.

A person placing an order from warrants that he or she is an adult and is under no legal restrictions which would prohibit such person from ordering, purchasing, owning, possessing, or transferring these items under all applicable federal, state or local law. 


Some replacement parts may require fitting or adjustment for proper operation


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