54-1 and 213 9mm
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If you are unsure on what type of magazine your gun uses please check the 9mm conversion magazine before purchasing this magazine, click here to open the page


The Norinco 54-1/213 9mm magazines pictured below will often have a number on the bottom of the floor plate. They are made for full size Tokarev type gun in 9mm that have a filler strip installed in the guns magazine well. When measured from the top of the floor plate to the top of the feed lips along the back side is 4-3/16". Depth of magazine body is about 1-1/4". Width of magazine body is about 1/2".


The depth (front to back) of this magazine body is about 1-1/4", if your magazine is about 1-1/2" your gun will use the conversion magazine, a link is at the top of this page.

Norinco Tokarev type 54-1, 213, and Navy Arms TU-90 guns in 9mm, 8 round, blued steel body-floor plate and follower, made in China by Norinco, used in good condition. Limited to stock on hand.







Some replacement parts may require fitting or adjustment for proper operation


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