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We accept Discover, Visa or MasterCard on our secure website. Never e-mail a credit card number.


If you do not have a Discover, Visa or MasterCard:


To place an order without a credit card?


1.                  Place the order.

2.                  Proceed to order checkout.

3.                  Fill in the required field.

4.                  Choose money order as payment method.

5.                  Then hit the ?Continue To Order Confirmation? button.

6.                  Then submit order, you will see your order confirmation number


It is very important that your e-mail address is correctly typed. You will receive an order confirmation notice from us within 48 hours of placing your order this will include payment instructions.

Some items that are listed may only have 1 unit in stock and are not being produced any longer. We will not hold any items, as 1 in 8 ?customers? never send payment. If the item is out of stock payment will be returned. If stock is less than the payment when payment is received we will issue a refund check for the balance.

We do not accept checks at this time, only US Postal Money Orders. Orders are shipped on our next shipping day after receiving payment. We do not accept COD orders.

We consider any information you provide us as private. We do not provide or sell this information to any other marketing groups.


Please note we do not accept any orders, order cancellations, returns, enquiries or any other  information by phone.


Never e-mail any credit card information.


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Our administrative office is located at:


Digital Consulting Services, Inc.


204 Lowry Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN 55418



Some replacement parts may require fitting or adjustment for proper operation


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