Automatic Pistol
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The name "Automatic Pistol" has been used by many different manufacturers on their 6.35mm and 7.65mm pistols, the magazines do not interchange. Some 7.65mm pistols with the name "Automatic Pistol" on the slide are considered to be a Spanish Ruby type pistols. They can be identified by the manufacturers proof mark and will be listed by proof mark under Ruby, click here to jump to the Ruby page. One type of Ruby sized magazine is also listed below.


The height "H" of this magazine when measured from the base to the top of the feed lips along the back is approximately 4.19" the depth "D" of the magazine body is approximately 1.07" the width "W" is approximately .41".

Magazine for Ruby type pistol marked "Automatic Pistol" .32acp (7.65mm) blued steel construction, new production. Limited to stock on hand.






Some replacement parts may require fitting or adjustment for proper operation


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