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Camper/Cub .22s Astra Constable Astra Cub 25cal Astra 60 380ACP Astra 70 Astra 75 Astra 80/90 Astra 100 Astra 200/Firecat Astra 300 Astra 400 (1921) Astra 600 Astra 800 Condor Astra 1911-1915 Astra 1916 Astra 1924 25ACP Astra 3000 Astra 4000

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Astra firearms were manufactured in Guernica Spain for about 90 years before closing for reorganization in the late 1990's. They were manufactured for many years by Unceta y Compania and in the 1990's changed the name to Astra Sport.


Original used Model 1915 or 1916 Ruby .32ACP type guns marked "Astra Patent" made by Esperanza y Unceta will have a EU proof mark and be listed under Ruby, click here to jump to the page.

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Logo from Astra 600 base


Please note: Older Spanish guns are notorious for minor dimensional variations. Magazines that shipped with the guns were hand fitted/selected at the factory for the gun. Even the correct factory manufactured magazine for the gun may still need slight fitting. The magazine catch slot is generally the biggest problem with magazines in the guns and the catch slot may need to be adjusted a very slight amount on the magazine body. We do not accept returns on altered magazines.

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Steve's Pages has many breakdown diagrams for Astra guns. His site is paid for thru donations on his site from people that found it useful. Click here to open his website.




Some replacement parts may require fitting or adjustment for proper operation


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